How to Safely Remove Fake Lashes

How to Safely Remove Fake Lashes

Removing false eyelashes can be a real pain. At the end of a long day or night, it can be tempting to want to rip them off without any prep or pampering whatsoever. But beware, treating your lashes with so little care can cause permanent damage. To safely remove your false lashes while taking proper care of your real lashes, make sure you adhere to the following tips.

Put Them on Right

Proper lash removal depends on proper application, so make sure you’re always applying your lashes correctly using the appropriate glue. Never allow the glue to work its way into your real lashes as this can cause extensive lash damage, not to mention discomfort during removal. Position strip lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, but whatever you do, do not press them into your natural lash line. If you place your false lashes too close to your real lashes, you’ll have a very difficult time removing your falsies without also removing your eyelashes.

Use Coconut Oil

According to iLashstore, it can be difficult to remove false lashes without irritating or damaging your natural lashes. To make the process easier, make sure you cover your lashes in coconut oil before attempting removal. Using oil to remove false lashes is perhaps the best way to ensure you don’t cause damage to your real lashes. Gently massage the oil into your lashes and allow it to soak in for a few moments to help soften the glue. Coconut oil is a wonderful natural moisturizer, so it will help condition your real lashes and protect them from drying out. Plus, this particular oil possesses antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which will help prevent bacteria development on your false lashes.

Store Them Properly

You can absolutely apply the same pair of false lashes more than once, but only if you store them properly. To properly store your false lashes, gently remove any leftover glue and coconut oil with a soft, lint-free cloth. Once you’ve cleaned your falsies and allowed them to dry, place them in their original container and make sure it’s sealed tight. Never toss your false lashes into a makeup bag even if your bag appears clean. It still harbors harmful bacteria that can get in your eyes with your next lash application. In fact, according to Midwest Eye Consultants, improperly cleaning and storing your lashes can result in an eye infection. To protect your eyes from infection or irritants, always make sure to store your false lashes in a clean, dry container.

Removing your false lashes safely is actually pretty simple, provided you take the time to do it correctly. By taking just a few minutes to properly care for your both your real and fake lashes, you can help ensure your real lashes stay intact, and your false lashes last through several applications.

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