You Deserve It! How to Set Up a DIY Spa Night

You Deserve It! How to Set Up a DIY Spa Night

When you're ready to unwind and need to feel rejuvenated, it may be time to pamper yourself with time in the tub and a face mask. If you want to relax without having to leave the house, you can consider setting up a DIY spa night that makes it easy to clear your mind and feel at ease in the setting. You can pick up a relaxation kit, or you do it yourself! Here are a few ways that you can transform your home into a relaxing oasis that feels like an authentic spa.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

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You'll need to set the mood for your spa night by adding candles throughout the setting to make it feel calming and serene. Play your favorite music on a low volume to set the tone. You can also add essential oils to a diffuser to allow calming and natural scents to circulate. Lighting candles in the home will also allow you to dim the lights and relax. You'll also want to unplug from technology to avoid distractions and put your mind at rest. Turn your phone off and keep your laptop in the other room.

Get in the Tub

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It's not a spa night without spending time in the tub where you can soak in the suds and alleviate tension or strain in your muscles. Using bath bombs will make it feel like a spa with beautiful scents and soothing aromas that are added to the water. You can also add a few flower petals and bubbles to set the mood. If you don't have a tub, you can relax in the shower by applying Epsom salt to the skin to reduce water tension in the body and bring relief to your muscles.

Use Foot Mask Socks

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Treat your feet with bootie masks to remove calluses and perform a grooming massage that leaves you with supple skin. The sock masks should include shea butter and apple cider vinegar, which is all-natural and will enhance the quality of your skin. You can apply the bootie masks for 10 to 15 minutes before trimming the toenails because they'll become soft. Follow with a foot massage to relieve your ligaments and tendons in the feet.

Transforming your home into a spa for the night will prove to be memorable and can allow you to recharge. With the right products used, you can feel pampered from head to toe without having to leave the house.
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