My Self Care

My Self Care

We juggle so many things throughout the week it seems that sometimes we put ourselves last.  

Myself juggling trying dealing with son and battling with his school for equal treatment. They choose to be oblivious to what autism is and how to treat all students equally but I digress. Dealing with chronic fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, an energetic 6 year old I'm often left with an empty cup. It was crucial to my health and sanity to learn that it's not selfish to take care of yourself. It is ok to put yourself first and asking for help isn't a weakness. 


What Is Self Care 

Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually you need to recharge. To me self care nourishes and replenishes your soul. It gives you the energy to move forward and gives you the time you need to maintain your mental health. 

Some examples of self care: 




Power Naps 


Hot bath 

Alone time 


Listening to my body

To me self care cames in many shapes and forms. Self care means taking time from everything else to do something that helps refill your cup. I don't always have a full day to get away but I make sure even if it's just 15 minutes I take time for myself.  

What do you for self care? 

  • Journaling

Writing in general is calming. I keep several notebooks around. I have one notebook that is filled with things to do. It's hard for me to fall asleep because I feel like if I can do one more thing, then I'll go to bed or if I don't do it now I'll forget it in the morning. Writing down all of my thoughts of what I need to do the next day allows me to clear my head and gives me a sense of peace. 

Journaling just writing through those things that I can't talk about to anyone else is healing for me. My journal doesn't judge when I feel like I'm ready to give up, or ready to quit. My journal allows me to pour out my heart on paper and let go of bottled up emotions.     

  • Music

Turning up my favorite Spotify channel and singing off key. Yes, I sound like if someone was to step on a cat when I sing but I don't care. It's liberating and relaxing to howl out my favorite Tank, Kelly Price or Musiq song.  After a long day what is your favorite turn down and relax song?

I'm super excited to add a new level to my self care by participating in the Self Care challenge with Evolving Diva. Being that March is Self Care month what a better way to help learn new ways to take care of myself. If you are interested in taking part in the challenge you can click here >>> it kicks off on March 1st. I love to write so I'm most excited about the 31 days of writing prompts. I plan on blogging throughout the month of March about my experience so stay tuned for more as I go through the challenge. 

What is your favorite what to practice self care? What do you notices are you biggles hurdles to self care? Every Super Woman needs some time to recharge. Take 15 mins to yourself and see the different it can make. 

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