My Beautiful Fluff is on ByBlack

My Beautiful Fluff is on ByBlack


My Beautiful Fluff is excited to announce that it is now certified by byblack (a black owned business directory for businesses like ours backed by the Chambers of Commerce). Being recognized as an important business in the black community means a lot to us and signifies yet another step towards achieving our goals. 

Businesses in the black community are fast gaining ground both locally and internationally, especially through the help of bodies like byblack. By having this important certification, we hope to contribute significantly to the growth of our community, while expanding the business and increasing our revenue streams.

My Beautiful Fluff retails some of the best quality merch designed by the brand to meet customers' needs. At the heart of what we do is the need to satisfy our customers, whose satisfaction we take very seriously. We ensure that our products are inclusive, stylish, and well made from top-quality materials. The fashion world keeps evolving, and we try to keep ahead of the pace with positive affirming products for all types of people. 

The Growing Black Business Space

It is important to  us to patronize and support black-owned businesses and establish a good footprint. Many black businesses, like us, are born daily with a dream to make a difference, but some wither due to a lack of support and funding. By patronizing black-owned startups, you are setting up the black entrepreneurial world for massive success. Many businesses in beauty, fashion, and technology amongst others have been set up by us for us and this makes room for inclusion and representation for all minorities. 

My Beautiful Fluff is proud to be flying the black business flag and remains dedicated to producing clothing for every person regardless or your size, race, or preferences. With support from our community, we hope to grow more successful to pave the way for more businesses like ours.  

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