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Holiday Mystery Gift Bag

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Holiday Mystery Gift Bag

Our Holiday Mystery Gift Bag is made of premium kraft paper, thick and sturdy, environmentally friendly and recyclable, safe and practical, make your kids and guests use it with peace of mind.

Had a great time putting these Mystery Gift Boxes together for you! What'll you'll find inside? Well, there are at least four items, but what they are that's a mystery! You can make a request if it's something specific you may want.

One of our main goals is to offer you quality products at an Affordable Price. Check out our shop to see all of our exciting products or visit our site. Will make all smiles before they even see what’s inside.

The gift for anyone on your list. These Mystery Gift Boxes are a total mystery. Each box one is unique and will have at least 4 items in each one. You have the option to pick your size and one item will be a t-shirt or make brush set , and a all earring bundle.

More To Love:

  • Each box is unique.
  • One of the items may be a  t-shirt or an all earring grab bag. 
  • Each mystery box will have at least 4 items in each box.
  • Perfect gift for yourself or anyone on your list. 
  • Great gifts they come in box ready for wrapping paper. 

Questions about the Mystery Box you can contact our Customer Service 

All boxes are packed and will ship within 48 hours of ordering.