We're now in stores! New store location.

We're now in stores! New store location.


You can now flaunt your fluff in stores! After primarily doing popup shops and e-commerce, I’m so happy to announce that we now have a physical location for our fluffy community. We’re now located at 7451 Madison Forest Park, IL, ME Marketplace along with 11 other amazing small businesses you can shop with. We are stocked with all your favorite fluffy girl merch so you can come on in and grab your goods. 

This new location is perfect for customers to get their hands on all these products and experience them before buying. We have clothing and accessories fit for any budget so we know you’ll find something cute to wear. If you want to skip shipping costs and processing times, just come on down to our location in the ME Marketplace today!


7451 Madison Forest Park, IL, ME Marketplace

Our Mission

The fashion world is constantly changing, and My Beautiful Fluff tries to stay ahead of the curve by making quality products for all. My Beautiful Fluff is glad to fly the black business flag and is still committed to making clothes for everyone, no matter their size, race, or preferences. With help from our community, we wish to become more successful and open the door for more companies like ours. We hope with this new location, we are met with even bigger opportunities to serve our community and make you all smile. We thank you in advance for your continued support. See you in stores!

Brittany Washington, Owner & Founder

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This is AMAZING!!!!! Love you soooo much!!!!

Heather Tucker

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