Voting Has Begun | Show Off Your Fluff Competition

Voting Has Begun | Show Off Your Fluff Competition

One of the ways MBF promotes body positivity and self-love is through its annual Show Off Your Fluff Competition. This competition gives MBF customers a platform to showcase their confidence and receive the recognition they deserve. The competition is hosted annually, and the winner is featured in a signature collection of accessories, clothing items, and more.

The Show Off Your Fluff Competition has been a huge success, with an increasing number of participants every year. The competition encourages women to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their skin. It celebrates women's empowerment and promotes inclusivity, diversity, and self-love.

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MBF's Show Off Your Fluff Competition wouldn't be complete without audience participation. The competition is not only an opportunity for women to showcase their beauty and confidence, but it's also a chance for the audience to vote for their favorite MBF customer. The winner will be selected based on the number of votes they receive.

To vote for your favorite MBF customer, head over to the MBF Facebook page and click on the "Show Off Your Fluff Competition" album. You can browse through all the entries and easily vote for your favorite by clicking on the "like" button on the photo. Remember, your vote can help someone feel empowered and celebrated. To submit an extra entry, you can click here.


Every year phenomenal women participate in this competition to show off their fluff. You can vote for your favorite below. Voting Ends 3/15.


JeQuita Zachary Johnson





LaTonya Spates 



Nicole Smith



Meneka Johnson



Dionne Teeves



Aquilla Benjamin



Marcelia Jackson



Toria Lee



Kamille Rivers



Jasmine Washington



Allyson Deese



Devin Arnold



Clemetha Wood-Gines



Mrs. BJ Haygood


Submit an extra entry for your favorite contestant here.

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