Positive Affirmation Wealth is Pouring into my life from all directions.

Positive Affirmation Wealth is Pouring into my life from all directions.

Wealth is pouring into my life from all directions.

Each day, I am grateful for all the many ways wealth flows toward me.


I can hardly turn around without being given a gift of some sort. Sometimes these are material manifestations. At other times, wealth comes in other forms. I embrace them all!


I remain open to the abundance constantly offered to me.


The people in my life bless me with companionship, laughter, and compassion. My work provides me with a material abundance unknown in many parts of the world. And I am wealthy in my heart because of all the love I feel for my friends and family.


If I ever start to feel that something is lacking in my life, I remember that all the resources are at my fingertips. All I have to do is ask, and whatever I need comes my way. In fact, I usually get not only what I need, but many things I may not yet know I want!


I am so blessed to be alive today, with this healthy body and mind that serve me so well. Right now, all of my needs and many of my wants are met. Because I have so much going for me, I share my wealth wherever I can. By offering what I have to others, my gifts are returned to me a hundredfold.


Today, I pay close attention to all the ways in which wealth is pouring toward me. At this very moment, all of my needs are all met. Each day, I take a few minutes to pause and feel gratitude for all of the abundance in my life.


Grab your favorite journal and pen then answer these questions below for self reflecting questions. Don't have a favorite notebook, shop our selection of a notebooks then start writing. We will have a new positive affirmation every Monday. 


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some unexpected ways I have been blessed recently?
  2. In what ways does wealth manifest most in my life right now?
  3. How can I best remember to cultivate gratitude for all of the ways that wealth is pouring into my life?

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