Motivational Monday Positive Affirmation I am my own best cheerleader.

Motivational Monday Positive Affirmation I am my own best cheerleader.

I am my own best cheerleader.


I root for myself in all situations. I offer myself praise, and appreciate the compliments I give myself. I choose words that motivate me.

Rooting for me lead to the creation of my new blog.


I offer myself guidance. My advice is specific and practical. At a networking event, I remind myself that I am friendly and knowledgeable. I focus on smiling and staying updated on the latest industry news. It becomes easier to start conversations with strangers and join in their discussions.


I offer myself affirmation. I notice when I am happy, centered and focused or getting along better with my mother-in-law. I celebrate the positive changes I make.


The little things in life are rewarding. I watch a funny movie. Laughter dissolves stress and cheers me up. I prepare my favorite foods. Indulging in a cup of hot chocolate or a kale salad with cranberries restores my energy.


I play with my pets. They remind me that I am loveable.


I spend time with family and friends. They share my victories and setbacks. They support me in everything I do.


I love doing things to lift my spirits. I listen to stimulating music. Housework becomes less tedious when my favorite songs are playing. I exercise regularly. Physical activity fights depression. I head outdoors to surround myself with nature. Flowing water and green fields invigorate me.


Today, I give myself a pat on the back. When I cheer for myself, I am reminded that someone is in my corner. I remember my purpose in life and make positive decisions that support me.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. How do I know when I need a pep talk?
  2. What is one inspiring thing I could say to myself each morning?
  3. Why is it important for me to be kind to myself?

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