Live chat  1/21/2023  with plus size models Kendra and Rasheedah

Live chat 1/21/2023 with plus size models Kendra and Rasheedah

Next Saturday join us for a special live interview with Rasheedah and Kendra - the first and fourth winners of the Show Off Your Fluff contest. We'll be chatting with them about their experiences in the competition, what motivated them to enter, and how they feel about winning. It's sure to be an inspiring conversation that you won't want to miss! Tune in on our Facebook, Instagram or Youtube click each to follow us and set your alarm clock, add it to your calendar and tell a friend. 

What is Show Off Your Fluff? 

Show Off Your Fluff Celebrates the beauty of the women in our a community. To enter you submit a picture where you felt beautiful, our Facebook community votes on a winner and the winner is turned into a caricature, placed on our line. The contest started because some of the earlier caricatures weren't based off of anyone just ideas in my head. However, at events I always got asked if it was me or told that a caricature looked like them or someone that they know. I turned that into a contest and we are now on year 5.

Show Off Your Fluff 5th and final year

It has been an amazing experience seeing how our community shows up year and year. We are super excited and nervous to announce that it will be our final year. We are excited to bring you the biggest and best contest yet! Entries will open for the last year on 2/1/2023 so get ready to flaunt your fluff. As you know any entries submitted wearing My Beautiful Fluff will get a second chance to win we pick a 2nd winner randomly for the entries submitted with our brand. 

Questions about the contest you can contact us at 

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