How To Dress for a Poker Game

How To Dress for a Poker Game

We all try to achieve confidence through our clothes when dressing in the morning. As we head into the summer here are few style tips for those that love casinos.

As we explored in our article ‘How to Feel More Confident About Your Appearance’, your physical appearance is important to your confidence. It is how other people see you, a method of projecting a version of ourselves we desire into the world. We might be uncertain ahead of a big interview, but we can dress as though we already have the job. We might be concerned a date won't go well, but we can wear clothes that make us feel it won't be our fault if it does fail. No sir, we know when we look good, making us feel good.

Dressing for a casino can be a real challenge, and poker presents a bigger problem. Poker is on the rise worldwide, and it's popular in casinos and poker rooms in the United States. The rise of online poker has meant an overall decrease in poker rooms in some states, although only five currently offer online games. For those, you can chill on your couch in pyjamas with a coffee, but if you head to a casino, feeling confident in your clothes is a huge must.

That's where we come in. If you're heading off for a few hands of poker and don't know what to wear, we've got some key tips which will help you decide.

Check the Dress Code

This is important because how you dress might be taken partially out of your hands. Some of the more luxurious and exclusive poker rooms and casinos may have a dress code you need to adhere to. If that's the case, it does stifle your creativity with your outfit. Most won't; you'll likely see all different outfits in the lower-end poker rooms, whilst high-rollers at establishments like the Bellagio and Aria may be subject to a dress code.

The Climate Matters

Where you play will dictate what you wear. If you are traveling to Atlantic City and aim to take in one of their poker rooms in the winter, you will have to have a layer or two on. Of course, the poker room will be heated, but getting in and out will require a coat in the winter months. If you're playing in a Las Vegas poker room at the height of summer, remember the temperature outside is likely to be very warm. Again, the actual casino will be air-conditioned, but you might not need thick material.

Dress For Your Playing Experience

Some people play poker for fun; others do it for serious money. It pays to mask your tells if you're playing in a tournament or for serious stakes. Think about accessorizing; a hat can help hide you, and dark glasses are also popular. Shapeless is good; many top female poker professionals go with baggy clothes; any little movements they make when playing a hand, involuntary reactions to good cards, are hidden. On the other hand, you might choose to do the opposite and dress in a manner which draws eyes to you. It sounds counterproductive, but if they're looking at your clothing and not your tells, you can elicit misdirection.

Be Bold

If you are playing for fun, taking in the poker tables as a social experience, don't be afraid to be bold and wear what you want. Poker rooms with no dress code let you experiment with your outfit, so taking it back to the opening paragraph, be sure to wear whatever makes you feel confident. That might be loud colors, bold fabrics or just an ensemble that gives you the sass you need to sock it to 'em around the felt.

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It sure was nice that you said that it is a huge must to feel confident in your clothes when you visit a casino for poker games. This is something that I will share with my brother who is planning to play at a casino with some friends next Wednesday. He wanted to dress appropriately, so your tips will surely make sense.

Shammy Peterson

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