Dress Shopping Hacks for Plus-Size Babes

Dress Shopping Hacks for Plus-Size Babes

Dress shopping can be difficult when there’s a bit more of you to love. Unfortunately, many designers want to cater to women who have little-to-no figure. No matter your particular size, there are some dress shopping hacks that can help you to find the perfect dress so that you look your very best.

Opt for Smaller or More Subtle Prints

BeBeautiful recommends that you first carefully examine the different prints you choose. Smaller and more subtle prints can allow you to hide some of your curves. While solid colors are often recommended for plus-size babes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with prints. You can get creative with how you add them into your look, too, with sashes, kimonos, scarves, and more.

Check Out More Modest Options

Decide how much skin you are comfortable showing off. Then, accentuate your best assets. If you love your calves, go for a knee-length dress to show them off. If you love your bust, don’t choose a dress with a high, restrictive neckline. Don’t avoid figure-hugging clothes on principle; sometimes, choosing a structured dress that accentuates your figure is better than a loose, flowing dress that hides your body. For example, E&O Apparel suggests that if you're a fan of the mermaid dress style but don't like the way they tend to fit on you, a looser mermaid hem can be perfect for you, as well as more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to try a new style or shape. It may be just what’s needed to show off your figure while also being comfortable.

Consider the Materials

While searching the racks, it’s a good idea to check what material a dress is made of. Some fabrics are better than others when it comes to providing all-day comfort. Navabi says that you want to make sure to choose a fabric that has a bit more stretch and the ability to breathe so that you stay cool and comfortable. Stay away from materials such as woven twill, polyester, and poplin. Instead, opt for spandex, nylon, viscose rayon, and jersey. When in doubt, give the material a little pull to see if there’s any give. If there’s not, put the dress back on the rack. If you’re shopping online, be sure to review the materials. It might be a good idea to read reviews, too, to see if people feel the designer is “true to size.”

Whether you’re shopping for a dress to wear to the office, a friend’s wedding, or a night out on the town, you can look and feel good. Take the time to examine what the dress has to offer so that you know if it’s going to be right for you and your curves.

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