10 places online  to find wide and double wide shoes for plus size women

10 places online to find wide and double wide shoes for plus size women

10 places that carry wide and extra wide shoes


Trouble finding shoes that fit? That has been the story of my life. My mom would tell me that running around with no shoes would cause your feet to get wide. Being the tomboy that I was I didn't care, I hated shoes. I remember her calling me bam bam since I was little because of my feet. I would never want to tell her she was right but I now wear double wide shoes and some wide shoes if I go up a size. I must plan out shoes ahead of time because walking into most stores I can not find shoes in my size is almost impossible. I've complied a list of 10 of my favorite places that carry wide and double wide shoes. 

  1. One Stop Plus One Stop plus has a variety of dress, tennis shoes and casual in both wide and double wide. When I got married I was able to find a nice pair of heels in double wide from then on out it is one of my go to shops for shoes. 
  2. Ashley Stewart Ashley Stewart has a good selection of wide shoes and boots in the winter. They are just wide so I often have to go up a size. 
  3. Avenue Even though there are no longer Avenue stores they have Cloud walker shoes that are comfortable and cute. 
  4. Orthofeet  Now these shoes aren't the most stylish but I had flat feet and heels spurs, these shoes are comfortable especially if you do a lot of walking. 
  5. Torrid Cute clothes and wide shoes, Torrid has a wide selection of sandals, heels and casual shoes. 
  6. Fashion to Figure 
  7. New Balance We were down in Disney and I brought cute sandals, what a mistake my feet were killing me after one day. We just so happen to head to an outlet mall that had a New Balance. I was shocked and excited to find they had one pair of shoes that were Barney purple in double wide. New Balance has well made, comfy shoes that helped save my feet in Florida. 
  8. DSW DSW in stores is hit and miss with wide shoes but they have an amazing selection online. 
  9. Sketchers 
  10. Lane Bryant  Lane Bryant carries a variety of styles include wide calf boots in the winter and cute sandals for the summer. 

Customer favorite shops submitted: 

1.  Magnifeetcent Shoes your https://magnifeetcentshoes.com 

And a bonus shop that we will be reviewing July 2023

Flow Feet- https://flowfeet.com

Check out their wide selection of extra wide women’s shoes => https://flowfeet.com/269-womens-extra-wide-shoes


Drop a comment below with your favorite shops online that carry wide and double wide shoes.

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Karen m. Evans

For me the style is lacking in shoe sizes 11w -13w. They can do much better than this. I will check these out too. Thank you for sharing.

Ms. Georgina

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