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Brittany's Holiday Gift Guide

Brittany Washington

Holiday Shopping has begun and I want to share with you 10 of my favorite businesses and highlight the products I have or that are on my list for Santa aka Hubby. There are a million places to find gifts from but I prefer to shop small businesses first. Hopefully, my list inspires you to find some amazing gifts for yourself or all your loved ones on your list.

  1. Black RoyalTee

    This shop a wide selection of gifts year round. I’m ordering a journal and one of the cool color changing cups as a gift to myself. They have the largest selection of journals and you can have them personalized as well. Adorable magnets, heat changing cups and journals galore they are first on my list this holiday season.

2. Queen Fe Natural Hair Essentials

Thirsty curls? This is one of favorite lines of hair products for us curly girls. I love all of her products but the Empress Hair Growth Elixir is my favorite. It keeps my scalp healthy and hair growing while in protective styles. I’ve been using he Elixir for months and I no longer have to deal with a dry flaky scalp.

3. Good Beard Day

One of favorite brands in the Universe, the owner is amazing. The t-shirts are cute and shopping for my husband who wears a 4XL-5XL is usually hard but Good Beard Day has an amazing selection. Don’t let the name fool you they also have items for women as well and a added bonus they has us fluffy girls covered. Amazing customer service, super soft beautiful t-shirts with superb designs and they have sizes so I can shop for both us.

4. Angelica Paints

The most amazing paint parties for Adults and kids. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to an event get a take home art kit with everything you need to create a masterpiece at home. Not only art the owner and her husband also have handmade natural soap that is amazing, wrapped jewelry, color books and custom art.

5. UNiQNation I have loved this company for so many years. One of my favorite photos taken was in amazing custom pair of her earrings. With jewelry that is truly unique and one of a kind it’s easy to see why this on my list for Santa. I have too many pairs of earrings to count but I still want more lol My denim hoops are one of my classics. The jewelry is beautiful and the owner is the sweetest person I know. She is passionate about supporting small business and is the creator of The She Event. Head over to her site and find something uniquely special for everyone on your list this year.

6. Accessory Fix

Really a one stop shop for all kinds of gifts. I ordered a pair of black fringe earrings that are so cute and versatile. The burgundy pair of fringe earrings and laser cut camel bag are on my wish list for this holiday season. So much more than jewelry they have boots, clothing, handbags and sunglasses. Make sure you head over to her site and knock out your holiday shopping early.

7. A Scent of Class

I love all things that smell good and this is your home of your favorite scents. I love there body oil spay and room spay. However, I guess everything on the list won’t be for me. I’m looking at there beard balm for my lovable caveman to tame his beard. Head over to there site and check out the natural oils, soaps and other amazing products they have to offer.

8. Merry Mary’s Cleaning Service

Long week and don’t feel like cleaning? This business is for my Quad City friends and family need your house clean and don’t feel like doing it then Merry Mary’s Cleaning Service is the answer. Gift certificates can make the perfect gift, especially after a house full of family after the holidays. Relax and let Merry Mary’s Cleaning take care of it. The owner is amazing and profession and they can help with your residential and commercial cleaning needs.

9. Dr. Herbal Organic and Vegan Hair Care

I discovered these products at a Natural Hair Fest earlier this year and everything that I have tried so far I loved it. The Defining Souffle Pudding had my curls moisturized and elongated my twist stayed moisturized for an entire week. These products are not only good for you but made with the only the best vegan and organic ingredients. Next on my list of products to try is the Herbal Infused Trio. Head over to the site and browse there selection of bath bombs, shampoos, conditioners, stylers, gels and soaps.

10. Ruth&Mae's

Specializing in natural hair and body products this business is on wish list to try. They have amazing products like the Peppermint Kiss Hair Growth Spray and the CoCo Mint Cleansing Tea that I can’t wait to order and try out on my curls. They have a large selection so I’m sure you can find something for even the pickiest person on your list.

3 Ways to Look and Feel Like the Best You!

Brittany Washington

Everyone wants to look great, but you probably want to look like the best version of yourself. While these treatments aren’t key to feeling confident and beautiful, sometimes treating yourself can help give your inner-self a much needed boost of energy. There are a lot of beauty treatments around, but only some of them enhance what you have and restore your looks to what they were years ago. If you want to look like the best version of you, here are three ideas that could help you enhance your appearance in a way that looks natural, and doesn’t drastically change what you look like.

Clothing and Makeup

Sometimes the trick to giving yourself a pick-me-up is simply undergoing a makeover or fashion update. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve this, and sometimes starting small is all it takes. Whether you simply buy a new shade of lipstick, find some trendy boots at the thrift store, buy some new clothes you feel confident and happy in, or treat yourself to a bold haircut or highlights, it doesn’t take much to give yourself a confidence boost. Giving yourself some me-time doesn’t have to be something you do alone however. Sometimes updating your fashion is more fun when you do it with friends and take the time for some girl-talk or vent sessions when life gets stressful. Either way, sometimes it’s the small and simple things that help you to feel better in your own skin. Just make sure to remind yourself that your happiness doesn’t come from having things, but you are treating yourself with this purchase.

Treat Your Smile

No one would say that they want dingy, yellow teeth, and whitening your teeth is the perfect way to look your best while also taking years off of your appearance. Having a healthy, bright, beautiful smile enhances your appearance and gives you confidence in your smile. There are many options available such as teeth whitening, straightening, or even veneers. Veneers are a lesser-known treatment for teeth, however. According to West Prairie Dental, veneers are a “thin porcelain covering that returns decayed or damaged teeth to their natural strength, functionality and luster.” No matter which treatment or method you go with, you'll end up with a smile that you won't be able to help but share with everyone.

Dysport Treatment

If you're looking to get the best smile around, you can also add Dysport treatment to get rid of the lines and wrinkles around your mouth or anywhere else on your face. Medical News Today explains, “Even though older Botox is more popular and better known than newer Dysport[,] Dysport appears to be better at reducing crow's feet.” One of the most loved benefits of Dysport is that many patients claim you can still move your muscles and express emotions, whereas Botox limits these actions. Obviously feeling good about yourself and accepting who you are now is of utmost importance, but we do understand that now and then we need something special. Everyone deserves to feel special, and doing whatever it takes to feel special is something we understand all too well.

With so many beauty treatments and ideas available, it can be difficult to choose what’s right for you. The above remedies are ideal for anyone who doesn't want to change their appearance drastically. When you look and feel like the best version of you, others will notice your increased confidence and, after all, confidence is one of the most beautiful features on anyone.

Get to know me

Brittany Washington

I am 33 years.

I am 5’2 1/2.

I am 321 pounds.

I love my size now.

I have been on every yo-yo diet under the sun.

Married for 11 years next month.

Mom to a wonderful little 6 year old who just happens to be autistic.

I am plus size.

I am natural for the past 8 years.

I am Gemini.

I’m lovable and evil.

My dream was to have a plus size clothing boutique of some sorts.

I grew up in love with IGIGI they had the cutest dresses at the time.

I’ve had migraines for about 17 years when they found out I have two cyst on my pituitary gland and my brain.

I love tacos.

I love pink so much I got married in a white/pink dress.

Abiyah Naturals

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Collaboration is a beautiful thing and I'm blessed to announced a Mother's Day collaboration with Abiyah Naturals. I feel in love with her black soap and will be offering a gift set centered around self love and self care. In anticipation of the collaboration let me introduce Abiyah Naturals. 

What's inside the Self Love Gift Set?

  • Our newest makeup bag
  • Body Oil
  • Soap
  • Facial Mask
  • Facial Mask Applicator

What is the name of your business? Abiyah Naturals

How long have you been in business? I officially registered my business in 2012 but have been making products for over 15 years.

What made you decide to start your business?  I decided to start a handmade products business when I didn't like the results of commercial brand products. Additionally, I have always had sensitivities to certain ingredients used due to having allergies. Once I switched to making products, many of these allergic reactions subsided. I found that this was the complaint of many other people as well. There the idea for the business was born!

What is your favorite product that you create? Soap! I LOVE making soap. It is an amazing process of transformation!

Customers favorite product? I have to say my soap again. I am known as the “Soap Lady.”

Any new products coming soon? I am always thinking of new items based on conversations held with my customers. For the warmer weather, I will be debuting a variety of face masks and face toners. People have been asking for them. My customers are amazing with their feedback!

Self care is important, what is your self care routine? I am still learning to incorporate this into my routine. Life gets so hectic and busy, it is so easy to lose track of taking care of yourself! For me, it is taking time to pamper at least once a week. Wind down and utilize products like my herbal salt soaks, amongst other things, to help to relax and refresh. This, along with quiet prayer and meditation time is key for balance and peace of mind

Instagram? Twitter? Pintrest? IG: Abiyah_Naturals

Twitter: AbiyahNaturals



Brand Representatives

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I want to introduce our two newest brand representatives the beautiful Quantus Penn Pacheco and Serena Thompson. I am glad to add them both to My Beautiful Fluff family and stay turned for interviews so you can get to know them both better. 

For more information on our Brand Representative program email us @ 

 Follow her @lolita_penn_

Follow her @lolita_penn_

 Follow her  @sereniea

Follow her  @sereniea



Mother's Day Self Care Gift Bags

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Not sure what to get your mother for Mother's Day, we will have a self care bundle that will include a makeup bag, facial mask applicator and an amazing facial mask made from an amazing small business. Looking for other small businesses that would like to collaborate. 

We are going to also offer some amazing gift sets that include totes, makeup brush sets and our newest item makeup brush cleaners. 

If you want to know about our new items first be sure you sign up for our e-mail list by texting Mybeautifulfluff to 22828. 


She Event

Brittany Washington

We are supper excited to be vending at our 3rd She Event in located in Indianapolis, In. This is one of favorite events, it's so many amazing black owned businesses all under one roof no only do I vend but I have found some amazing businesses that I love to support. Come out network, shop and enjoy.  

Here is some information directly from the events page

"Join our Amazing Marketplace..."The SHE Event" as we network & showcase Black Owned Business & Organizations who are committed to establishing a legacy of wealth!

*If you are interested in being a vendor, please go to & submit an inquiry

Recap from December’s Event:

*Giving back to the community: (2) $500 Scholarships will be given to 2 Kidtrepreneurs via the YMCA youth programs.

If you would like to donate an additional scholarship, or give towards the scholarship, please contact the Avondale YMCA, 3908 Meadows Drive, Indianapolis, In 46205

*If you would like to donate towards the operational costs for the SHE Event, please click below & select the amount of your choice:

*If you would like to volunteer for the SHE Event, please send an inquiry to:

*We have partnered with Early Childhood Development to offer affordable, onsite, & a safe environment for your little one for only $5 per child. If you desire childcare, please send a request to:


Peace & Lots of Love!"