You love the skin you’re in. You’re not afraid to show your beauty to the world!Then you are our girl…Welcome to Beautiful Fluff. The shop that makes women stand up and be proud of their curves. We “plus size” women can have a label to us that just isn’t right. We don’t care about fair, but we do care about right. We want to have amazing clothes, in stunning colors, that hug our bodies and show the world who we are. Ladies, that is exactly what we do. What we do Our brand came out of the idea to show ourselves to the world. With clothing that embraces your curves yet feels so soft you will want to buy two. Just to have one to sleep in. But this clothing is not made for simply wearing around the house. Oh no, they are made for getting out into the world and being the women you are meant to be. A women full of pride, strength and of course…style.